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Welcome to Monega's Online Safety page.  We keep updating this page so check back again to find out more.


We at Monega School take your child’s safety seriously and that includes their Online Safety (being safe when using the internet)


Our children use a wide range of devices every day and it is important that we teach them about the associated risks and what we can do to minimise these.


At Monega School we teach children about communicating safely online, online bullying, protecting their privacy, copyright and many more aspects.  We would like you to work with us to keep your child as safe as possible.


Things that you can do as parents:

  • Talk to your child about how and when they access the internet and find out what they like to do.
  • Be aware of the current risk of using the internet and understand how you can limit these risks.
  • Adhere to age settings for sites, apps and games.
  • Encourage your child to think before they post or share and show them how to protect their personal information.
  • Talk to your child about their digital footprint and how it could affect their future.


In the meantime you can find lots of tips and advice about helping to keep your child safe here:


Department of Education Guidance on Cyber-Bullying

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